Open Innovation Platforms in Tampere

Tampere has created attractive physical environments - open innovation platforms - for universities, companies, communities and citizens to interact, learn, experiment and co-create new businesses, innovations and services. Tampere’s innovation platforms include university- and campus area-based platforms New Factory, Mediapolis, Kauppi Medical Campus and Kampusareena of Tampere University of Technology, and an urban district-based innovation platform, “Oma Tesoma”.

Tampere’s OPEN/SMART/CONNECTED (O/S/C) strategy and iCapital initiative builds and focuses especially on an urban district-based innovation platform, “Oma Tesoma” (my own Tesoma), launched in 2013. The O/S/C initiative also builds on and utilizes university- and campus area-based innovation platforms New Factory, its university-business-government innovation engine Demola, and Mediapolis

Oma Tesoma

In Oma Tesoma, a city district of Tesoma is developed as an innovation platform to attract companies, residents and local communities to generate and create service innovations, business opportunities and attractive living environments and economically viable and sustainable urban areas together. Tesoma, built in 1960s and 1970s, is a diverse city district with some 20 000 inhabitants.

Tesoma is the first case in Tampere’s O/S/C strategy in which innovation platform activity is integrated into urban development policies and projects. The results and experiences of Oma Tesoma and the O/S/C iCapital activities in Tesoma will be utilized and scaled up in other major urban development projects and investments in Tampere.

New Factory

New Factory is a unique model to expedite open innovation activity in Tampere. In its over 1100 m2 of co-creation space in the heart of Tampere, New Factory attracts multidisciplinary expertise to co-create innovations and new solutions. New Factory is the birthplace of the concept and home for Demola in Tampere.

Since 2012, New Factory has facilitated more than 600 projects with 300 partner companies and other partner organisations, generating 110 start-ups and more than 650 new knowledge-intensive jobs, and attracting 18 million euros of funding for start-ups and innovators.


Demola is a functional, inspiring and internationally recognized open innovation platform for students and companies. In Demola, university students from different fields in Tampere’s three universities develop products and services in teams together with companies and public sector organisations.

Demola has developed into a Europe-wide ecosystem for collaborative innovation, and it is now located in 12 cities in 9 countries, and has 40 university partners. New Factory and Demola have attracted young talents both nationally and internationally to come study and work in Tampere.


Mediapolis, located in Tesoma and launched in 2013, is an international media campus concentrating on media content production and audio-visual information and communications technology. The Finnish broadcasting company Yle, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere Vocational College are the main operators in Mediapolis, supported by the City of Tampere through its O/S/C strategy. IPR.VC Fund I, a private equity fund for the creative industry with 13 million euros in capital commitments, was launched in the autumn 2015. The fund mainly invests in Finnish digital content companies, and focuses on Mediapolis as an ideal growth platform for companies.