Grow.Smart.Together - Summary of the Tampere iCapital 2017 application

Tampere Co-creating Urban Future for Citizens

“Tampere is committed to the development of a “city-as-a-platform” -based urban innovation ecosystem. The key aims of the new 2017 Tampere Mayoral Program are to strengthen communality and co-creation, and to make Tampere a model city of urban digital economy focusing on citizens’ wellbeing and urban economic competitiveness.

Tampere’s Grow.Smart.Together approach enhances the generation of a city where smart city solutions, related jobs and firms and attractive urban environment are co-created together with citizens, communities, universities and companies. Tampere is determined to apply co-creation community based urban development culture in the whole city based on the creative capabilities of its citizens.

I’m confident that our rich innovation tradition, citizen-led smart city initiatives and unique spirit of co-creation can serve as inspiration for other European cities.”

Lauri Lyly, Mayor of the City of Tampere